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Activate Your Metabolism And Get Rid Of Extra Pounds With This Weekend Diet

This method can help you lose 8 pounds per day and it’s great to use it for the last minute events because it will help you to fit in your favorite dress. This diet is recommended on weekends when you’re relaxed and your body can support the detoxification process. Lycopene, an antioxidant makes this syrup effectively. Grains and vegetables will …

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Lose Extra Pounds With This 1 Week Diet

Carrots and grapefruit work together to melt those extra pounds that you’ve accumulated. As long as you keep this diet don’t use salt in food, spices, give up alcohol, sweets, fats and forget about sugar because they inhibit the diet effect. Also, sauces, cheese and dairy products are forbidden. Choose only lean meat, without skin, and cook it without using …

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How To Melt Belly Fat With Rice Milk

If you are lactose intolerant or if you’re a vegetarian and you can’t consume soy or simply you don’t like milk, nature and has reserved a tasty and healthy alternative: rice milk. Rice milk is a product that will help you melt belly fat. It can substitute water and sweet drinks. How to prepare rice milk Ingredients: -5 tablespoons of …

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