4 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of A Terrible Hangover

You had a rough night? You’ve dancing like no other? Then you were probably drunk! And the next day hangover says all about it. Well, to get rid of all the nausea, headaches and put you back on your feet, try the following remedies:

Humus – Alcohol empties the body of vitamin B, and humus is the best solution to introduce this vitamin in your body. Eat humus before going out to avoid a terrible hangover the next day.

Eggs – Are a great source of cysteine, an amino acid that helps to metabolize the existing toxins in alcohol. Eat one or two eggs before you go out and the next day you will have no problem facing a hangover.

Pickles – Everyone says that pickles gets you rid of a hangover, but they actually prevent it. So, before drinking you can eat some pickles or drink the pickle water to prevent a hangover.

Almonds – A handful of almonds consumed before drinking is an ancient hangover antidote. So, I recommend trying this remedy, if you are not allergic to almonds.

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Image Credits: Paleodojo

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