4 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of A Painful Muscle Cramp Quickly

Muscle cramps are painful involuntary contractions of muscles or a group of muscles.
These occur especially to those with an active lifestyle (they are caused by increased exercise) or to overweight persons. Also those with poor blood circulation can suffer of this condition.

Effective ways to get rid of muscle cramps

1. Stop the activity that caused muscle cramps.

2. Apply a cold compress (or an ice bag) to the painful area to relax the muscles, and then apply a warm compress to relieve pain.

3. Stretch your leg, hand or neck and massage the affected area. After the massage, you can apply a compress with apple vinegar or mint tea.

4. Add in a glass of warm water, a spoonful of honey and a spoon of apple vinegar, and then drink the mixture.

Follow these steps and you’ll get rid of a painful muscle cramp quickly.

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Image Credits: Livestrong

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