Step-By-Step Instructions To Remove Ear Wax At Home

Olive oil is extremely effective for treating several affections, and it’s also very useful in beauty.
The wax in your ears is a protective agent for the sensitive areas inside your ear. It protects you from bacteria and dust, and it normally drains easily outside the ear so that you can remove the excess. For some people, this wax can accumulate in very large amounts, and this can lead to certain affections.

To get rid of wax excess, experts recommend using olive oil. Most of the time, you can remove to leaking wax from your ear, but in some cases, the wax sticks inside your ear canal causing serious hearing problems.

Olive oil is the most suited remedy to remove ear wax, because it softens the wax naturally and thus the cerumen accumulated inside the canal can dissolve, being very easy to remove.

To use olive oil you need to follow some very simple steps.

The first step is to warm the oil in a clean pot. The oil shouldn’t be hot! It has to reach body temperature. Then, using a pipette, pour a few drops in your ear with great care. Allow the oil to penetrate as deeply as possible, and keep your ear towards the ceiling for 5-10 minutes. Then take a cotton pad and place it next to your ear to allow the oil and wax to leak on it.

You can wash yourself after this procedure or you can stay this way, because the remaining olive oil will penetrate into the skin.

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Avoid using cotton buds, because they will remove only a small part of the ear wax, and the rest of it will be pushed into the ear canal, causing serious ear problems.

Image Credits: Beautyepic and Livingunrefined

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