How To Use Banana Peels To Whiten Your Teeth, To Get Rid Of Acne And Reduce Wrinkles

Instead of throwing away banana peels, you better use them in your beauty ritual. They can really do wonders to your skin and not only. This magical remedy will make you look younger and acne will be just a bad dream.

Banana peels to whiten your teeth

Due to the high potassium content, banana peels have a whitening effect on teeth. Use the inside of a banana peel to massage the teeth and let it act for 10 minutes before washing it normally with the brush and toothpaste.

Banana peels to get rid of acne

If you fight with acne and haven’t discovered yet a treatment to get rid of it, then I suggest you to rub gently your face with the inside of a banana peel, and let it act for 15 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Repeat this procedure every evening before bedtime, and you’ll get rid of acne for good.

Banana peels to get rid of wrinkles

Use the inside of the banana peel to massage the areas with wrinkles, because the antioxidants and vitamin C, found in bananas, have a beneficial role on premature aging. They stimulate collagen production and improve blood circulation in the areas prone to wrinkles.

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Image Credits: Wikihow

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