Homemade Macerate To Get Rid Of Spider Veins

Spider veins are blue and prominent cords, located immediately beneath the skin surface. They can appear anywhere on the body, but most often affect the legs. Even if they are painful and unsightly, they are usually harmless. Varicose veins can be genetically inherited, and women are more prone than men to develop this disease.

In order to treat this condition naturally, it is important to act from inside-out.

Recipe to get rid of spider veins:

So prepare syrup made from 50 g of peeled garlic cloves, which you have to boil them in 200 ml of water. Right after the garlic cloves soften, strain the liquid and mix it with 50 grams of sugar.
Drink 2-3 tablespoons of this syrup daily.

Another recipe is to crush the same amount of garlic cloves and pour alcohol over them (equal amount). Let the mixture to macerate for 5 days, and take 2 teaspoons a day, for 10 days.

You’ll see after such treatment how spider veins will disappear.

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Image Credits: Caplimpede

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