Natural And Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Sunburn Quickly

Because every woman desires a beautiful tan instantly, sometimes they end with awful sunburn which destroys her holiday and her skin. And if you couldn’t prevent this from happening, try to get rid of sunburn with some natural and effective remedies that have the ability to regenerate your skin and soothe the burn.

Natural remedies:

To relieve the burn and help the skin to regenerate use aloe vera gel, extracted directly from the leaf, and apply it on the skin. Also you can use Greek yogurt and olive oil, because they have soothing effect and it will relieve pain.

Honey is another great remedy that can be used in any type of burn.

To make the burn disappear immediately, cut an onion in half and sprinkle salt over it. Then apply it on the affected area.

Wash your skin with a green tea infusion, cooled, to relieve the pain. Then you can apply honey to help the skin to regenerate quickly.

Fresh lemon juice takes the pain away, just like ACV. These ingredients have astringent effects. Apply one of these ingredients on a cotton pad and rub gently the affected areas. Then apply honey over the burn.

Lavender essential oil has soothing effects and prevents blisters to appear. So, use it with confidence and place this curative oil in your medicine cabinet.

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And we don’t have to forget about baking soda. Take a warm shower then wipe gently your skin with olive oil and apply baking soda over the burn.

All these natural remedies should be applied directly on the skin affected by the sunburn, and leave them to act between 15-30 minutes. Apply it 2 days in a row and you’ll feel better.

Image Credits: Medicinenet

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