What You Should Do To Get Rid Of Oily Hair?

When it comes to hair care, which products you prefer: natural remedies, usual hair care products or special treatments in hair salons? Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you use if it’s the perfect product for your hair. And if you are among those people with oily hair, then you should take into account the following advice to get rid of this condition. Because all the outside conditions indicate an inside health problem!

You should:
– Use warm water every time you wash your hair, and choose natural hair care products;
– Avoid rough massage on the scalp;
– Rinse your hair very well, until you feel that specific hair scratch;
– The last rinse should be done with warm water to inhibit sebaceous glands;
– Don’t place the hair dryer too close to the scalp – heat stimulates sebum secretion.

Don’t ignore your diet!
A proper intake of Omega 3 (2: 1) will make your hair grow stronger with a silky look. Nuts and salmon are excellent sources of essential fatty acids.

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Spinach and carrots – excellent sources of vitamin A to help hair growth.

Protein – a low protein intake leads to thin hair and sebum excess.

Image Credits: Femininex

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