Natural Remedies To Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk is the main source of nutrition that provides the child daily nutrition, that’s why it should be rich in proteins, vitamins, lactose, mineral substances, antibacterial agents, water and natural fats, but also antibodies from the first day of birth until the age of six months. Unfortunately, more and more mothers are struggling with the lack of breast milk problem, making them to feed their baby with formula, which is not very healthy in the development of the baby.

Although, there are several natural remedies that help moms to provide milk for their little ones!

Star anise is sweet and aromatic. Among these fruit properties can be mentioned: an incentive for lactic secretion, pancreatic functions, appetite. Is a natural flavored antispasmodic!

Hops have bacteriostatic, antispasmodic, diuretic, antiseptic and sedative action, perfect for baby’s health.

Turkish cumin relieves indigestion and headaches, liver problems, obesity, poor circulation, and fluid build-up. It also has a sedative property, and its flavor helps to combat emotional and mental exhaustion.

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