Natural Remedies That Help You To Quit Smoking

Excepting that bunch of products designed especially to help you quit smoking, nature comes to your help, too. Being very generous, nature gives us all sort of plants and natural remedies that can help us quit us smoking. Of course, you have to be very ambitious, because these remedies come into your help, but they don’t do magic!

Grape and orange juice: It seems that these two “liquors” help to alleviate the “need” for nicotine if you consume it several times a day.

Honey: consumed raw, every time you feel the need to smoke, or mixed with a radish, is another perfect remedy that helps you smoking.

Two tablespoons of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water, drunk before every meal, is another remedy that will alleviate symptoms associated with nicotine deficiency.

Oatmeal doesn’t help you just to keep cholesterol under control, but also reduce the need for nicotine even in you don’t want to quit smoking.

Ginger is especially effective in reducing the feeling of nausea caused when you are trying to quit smoking.

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Image Credits: Womensok and Worldhealthcare

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