How To Calm Your Baby’s Tummy Ache?

Babies and toddlers abdominal pain is caused by bloating, gas accumulation or by fermentation processes. And every mom remembers those sleepless nights because her child is crying. Instead of giving him all sorts of medicines, rely on natural remedies which help in gas elimination or to inhibit the development of pathogenic bacterial flora.

Fructus Anisi (Anason fruits).
Make an infusion of 5-6 anason fruits to 100 ml of water.

Fructus Coriandri (Coriander fruits).
Make an infusion of 1/2 teaspoonful of fruits per 100 ml of water.

Fructus Foeniculi (Fennel fruits).
Make an infusion of 5-6 fruits to 100 ml of water.

Flores Chamomillae (Chamomile flowers).
Infuse 1-2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers to a cup of water. The amounts vary depending on the child’s age. For better effect, mix the chamomile infusion with anason or fennel infusion.

Gripes tea for babies

Carminative effects: Fructus Foeniculi (Fennel Fruit) and Fructus Coriandri (Coriander)
Antiseptic and antispasmodic effects: Flores Chamomillae (chamomile flowers)
Antispasmodic which soothes pain and prevents vomiting: Folium Menthae (Mint leaves)

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How to prepare the above infusions:

Make an infusion from 1 teaspoon of plant to 1 cup of water.
Give the baby to drink 50-100 ml of infusion, 2-3 times a day, depending on baby’s age.

Image Credits: Parents and News.vice

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