Wipe 10 Years Off Your Face With This Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Often, the simplest solutions for skin rejuvenation are the most effective, and this thing was proven to us many times. Nature is very generous with us providing lots of vegetables and fruits, helping us to maintain our health and beauty. The following mask is based on one of the most common ingredient from your kitchen, present in all foods and I bet that it won’t miss from your beauty ritual: the carrot.

This carrot-based rejuvenation mask along with 2 other ingredients will help you wipe at least 10 years off your face.

– a spoonful of starch
– 5 tablespoons of fresh carrot juice
– a spoon of curd

Mix the starch with 100 ml of water. In a separate pot, put 400 ml of water to boil, let it cool a little bit then add the starch and put it again on the stove. Leave the mixture on low heat until it thickens, and then let it cool again. When the starch is cool add the carrot juice and curd. Stir until the mixture is well homogenized.

How to use:
Apply this mask on clean face and let it work for 30 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.
For optimal results, use this facial rejuvenation mask three times a week. Soon, you’ll notice the glow on your face and how aging signs had disappeared.

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Image Credits: Crunchybetty

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