Natural Moisturizer To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Wrinkles are every women biggest nightmare, because they appear even if we want or not. As skin is a beauty mirror for every woman, most of us try all sort of expensive beauty treatments to take a proper are of our skin. Others resort to surgery which is both expensive and painful. And only a few know the beauty secret which lies in natural remedies, and the following mask is the perfect treatment to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes.

– 2 blisters of vitamin E
– 2 drops of essential thyme oil
– a spoonful of coconut oil

Mix these three ingredients in a bowl. Pour the mixture in an empty container (an old moisturizer jar with lid) and keep it in the refrigerator.

How to use:
Apply the cream around the eyes area, massaging gently the affected zone, preferably with 2 hours before going to bed. After 2 hours, use a cotton pad to remove the cream excess.
This miraculous elixir rejuvenates the skin around your eyes and helps you to remove makeup much easier. It will also make you look 5 years younger by removing even the deepest wrinkles.

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Image Credits: Delightedmomma

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