How To Whiten Your Underarm With This Wonder-Mask

I’m sure you’ve confronted with this situation: shaving your underarm area for so long, your skin lost its whiteness and the area is darker than the rest of the body. You might feel frustrated because you can’t move freely your arms, thinking that everybody will see your little problem. But you don’t have to feel embarrassed anymore because nature is here to help you: the magical remedy was found for you to get rid of dark underarms.

You need:
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– 3 tablets of activated charcoal

You can use a larger quantity and keep it in the refrigerator if you want, because this mixture has no expiration date.

So, crush the activated charcoal tablets in a bowl and add the honey over them. Apply the mixture over the affected area and let it act for 20 minutes then remove the mask with a towel soaked in water or just take a shower.

It might seem strange, but black can remove black!

Of course, you won’t get a snow white underarm after the first use, but if you use it with regularity you’ll recommend this remedy to your friends too.

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Image Credits: Theindianspot

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