Make Your Friends Jealous With This Natural Face Mask For Dilated Pores

The complexion with dilated pores is prone to sebum excess, blackheads and acne, and the big disappointment comes from those cosmetics products that promise you “magical effects”. That’s why you should give a chance to natural remedies, especially to one secret ingredient from your kitchen.

So, let’s give a warm welcome to baking soda, because this ingredient is the secret key from our beauty routine.
Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic have the ability to reduce redness and “kill” that disturbing acne. Also it’s the best natural face scrub I know, removing impurities and preventing irritation, leaving you with a bright skin.

To take advantages of baking soda and get rid of dilated pores you should follow the next steps:

Cleanse your skin as usual then rinse it with sparkling water. Don’t wipe your face!

Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and apply it on your face.

Easily, exfoliate your skin with circular movements, insisting on the area more prone to dilated pores (T-zone).

You have to perform this technique for 30 minutes then remove the scrub with cold water.

Dry your skin with a clean cotton towel.

Be careful! If you have sensitive skin, this mask can cause irritations and itchiness. Try it on a small portion of your skin, and if nothing of this happens, use it with confidence.

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Shortly after use, this dilated pores mask (scrub) will turn into your beauty secret, making your friends envious.

Image Credits: Teprotejo

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