Natural And Effective Remedy To Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the most common cardiovascular disease. Normal blood pressure should not exceed 140 mmHg for systolic blood pressure and 85 mm Hg for diastolic blood pressure. These values represent the upper normal limit, but the optimal values are even lower (below 130/80 mmHg).

But a simple remedy will help you to lower blood pressure naturally.

What do should do?
So, you have to boil and egg for about 17 minutes (the egg yolk should be hard) and put it to macerate (with shell) in a glass of white vinegar for 24 hours. You will notice that the shell will decompose. Peel off the egg and then cut the egg in three equal parts.

Consume each part as it follows: one at breakfast, the other one at lunch and the last at dinner.
Do this procedure for 7 days, and you can repeat it after 6 months.

Image Credits: Marginmakingmom

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