4 Tips To Get Rid Of Split Ends

For a shiny and natural hair look you should always pay attention to your ends, not to be split or damaged. In this regard, here are some useful and cheap tricks.

Cut your ends regularly
Whether are sunshine or rain your hair suffers lots of changes and deteriorates in time and won’t be the way you want to be. For this reason, it’s necessary to trim the ends regularly. Very ten weeks if you trim 1 cm of your hair you won’t have split ends. However, hair grows about a centimeter and a half per month, so you don’t have to fear that length will stagnate.

Macadamia oil can do wonders
The oil has excellent benefits for hair. To prevent split ends you can use avocado oil, macadamia, Argan or coconut oil.
Here’s how to use:
Apply a few drops of oil in your palm, then place your hand on each hair strand individually, especially the mid thread down. Let it stand for half an hour or an hour, then wash your hair!

Allow it to dry naturally
Don’t wash your hair and dry it with your hairdryer because you will damage your hair quickly. Leave it to dry naturally. Don’t wash it before bedtime and sleep with your wet hair because you’ll damage it and it’s possible to catch a cold.

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Use conditioner!
It’s true that ordinary conditioner can make hair shinier and easy to comb, but it doesn’t solve the split ends problem. In this situation we need a conditioner that is applied on wet or dry hair. Besides that it covers every hair thread with a protective layer and prevents continuous degradation, it masks the unpleasant appearance of split ends.

Image Credits: Hairstyle Topic

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