How To Make Your Legs Look Thinner. The Contouring Method

You don’t like the shape of your legs and you find that some areas are too thick or too thin? Well, makeup artists have invented a new technique that can fix visual these problems. It’s about the contouring method, which makes your legs look more flexible.

Recently the internet was stormed with movies where young ladies were applying in different face areas darker or lighter makeup and foundation. Their aim was to highlight or to provide flexibility to cheeks, nose, cheekbones, chin, neck even the entire face. With a few makeup tricks they could make a more elongated face, thinner or a cheekbone rounder or sharp, depending on what they wanted.

But this technique is not applied only on the face but also to legs, abdomen or breasts. First you have to choose the shade you want to get and if you want to have your skin with a tone or two darker buy yourself a bronzer or a durable foundation. All products must be waterproof because you may sweat and the mixture might melt. You need brushes, thin and thick, depending on the lines that you want to draw on your feet.

If you want thinner thighs then take a thicker brush and draw 2 lines on the inside and outside of the thigh, a shade or two darker than your skin. Between these 2 lines use a lighter foundation. Light will be reflected on the lighter side and the leg will look thinner.

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Here’s how to use the contouring method to get longer and slimmer legs.

Image Credits: Instyle

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