The Tremendous Healing Power Of The Onions

This vegetable has tremendous healing power. Tonic and it fights against infections, onion is a real medicine.

Tea for respiratory diseases

Boil 2 unpeeled onions for 5 minutes at low heat in a cup of water then leave it to cool for 10 minutes, covering the bowl. Strain the liquid and drink on an empty stomach as hot as possible.
This tea isn’t very tasteful, but it acts very quickly and people say that there’s no other cure to treat cough, sore throat and chest pain better than onion tea.

Diseases that can be prevented and treated with onions

General or cerebral atherosclerosis, stroke, varicose veins, peripheral circulatory failure, especially venous congestion, asthenia – eating raw onions prevents atherosclerosis, cardiac ischemia and improves hypertension. By eating 50 grams of fresh onion per day you’ll reduce serum cholesterol due to a high fat content diet.
Consuming raw onions daily has a good effect in combating cardiovascular diseases and aging, due to free radicals neutralization by antioxidant substances from onions.

Warning – precautions and contraindications to treatment with onions

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Onions are consumed with caution by patients suffering from gastritis, colitis fermentation and those with irritable colon. There are quite a few people with a digestive intolerance to onions.
It’s indicated that after consuming onions to eat a sour orange and to chew its flavored peel (to adjust breath odor).

Image Credits: No Recipes

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