What Your Nails Have To Say About Your Health

We use our hands daily and manicure is one of the most important accessories. We are always careful which nail polish color we should apply on our nails but we never think to apply a natural color on them.

Your nails are yellow?
Yellow nails are something normal because it depends on the nail polish we use. Yellow nails suggest that they didn’t grow properly because of long bronchiectasis symptoms. “This color is the result of an infection or other diseases. Because bronchiectasis is chronic the same thing happens with yellow nails.”

Your nails are white?
When the top of the nail is white and the lower one has a hint of pale pink, it’s about the nail syndrome half – half. This color indicates kidney problems. If two of the three parts of the nail are white and only a small portion is pink, we are dealing with a syndrome called Terry’s Nails, and it may be an indicator of cirrhosis and diabetes.

Your fingernails have a concave shape?
This is called Kolionychia and indicates a lack of iron in the body or other health problems where iron is not properly metabolized.

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Your nails grow bent down?
This type of nails indicates the lack of oxygen in the blood, and may be associated with various heart diseases such as infection or congenital heart problems.

Your nails split off?
Also known as onycholysis, this phenomenon happens if you had extremely long nails. This sign doesn’t indicate a serious disease only a trauma that happened to your nails due their length. It may be associated in isolated cases with psoriasis.

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