6 Summer Skin Care Tips For A Flawless Skin

In the summer we face with a lot of skin problems and don’t know what else to try to get rid of them. Who doesn’t have acne, oily skin, redness and sweating problems in the hot season raise your hand!
We collected the most unusual solutions to most common problems of summer and asked dermatologists opinions about them.

1. Removes odor with cleansing gel for acne skin: Kally Papantoniu, dermatologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says that “cleansing antibacterial gels with ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide helps to reduce bacteria”, so you won’t have odor problems anymore.
2. Tea bags help to reduce puffiness: Christine Choi Kim, a dermatologist in Los Angeles recommends green or black tea bags, which you should leave them in the refrigerator for a few minutes before keeping them under your eyes.
3. Irritated skin? Use a cream for irritated baby skin: any cream made for soothing irritation – including the sensitive skin of babies – will be a great help.
4. Deodorants combat irritation after waxing or shaving: antiperspirants block sweat glands, so that you won’t sweat and the rubbing and irritation from the shaved and waxed areas will be reduced.
5. Use honey to get rid of acne: “honey contains active enzymes and is a natural antibacterial,” says Dr. Papantoniou. “Apply a thin layer on the problem area. It will exfoliate the skin in a gentle way, reduce bacteria and it will leave a smooth skin,” adds dermatologist.
6. Use panty liners to have no sweat traces on your clothes: stick panty liners beneath the shirt on the armpit area. Absorbers will keep you dry all day and you can say goodbye to sweat traces.

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Image Credits: Early Care

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