5 Tricks For Successful Shaving. No Ingrown Hairs, No Irritation

Summer has arrived and it’s important that our legs to look flawless. No irritation or ingrown hair… just soft and shiny skin! If you’re shaving your legs like all the other women do then you must know about those little, unsightly red spots.

Prepare your skin before removing your hair
This means that you have to exfoliate your skin weekly and moisturize it every day. Without exfoliation and moisturizing, the skin may be prone to dryness, and it’s difficult to remove your hair from a dry skin even with a razor because it becomes very sensitive.

Shave your legs always with warm water
There are women who shave their legs simply, on dry skin and it will harm the skin. But other women shave their legs with hot water thinking that the skin will be smoother and softer. Totally wrong, because the extremes aren’t good when it comes to shaving. When you’re shaving with razor, water should be lukewarm and it’s preferable to wait at least 5-10 minutes when you walked into the shower until you start shaving.

Always use a foam or shaving cream
Don’t use soap when you shaving with a razor, because soap tends to dry your skin and this takes us back to the first point in telling you that dry skin it’s difficult to shave.

Opt for a disposable, quality razor
When you’re shaving the safest for you is to use a disposable razor. But that doesn’t mean you have to choose a bad razor. On the contrary! A good quality razor will make the whole process easier, faster and your skin won’t suffer.

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Take care of your skin after shaving
After shaving is good to avoid for a few hours products that contain alcohol or high fat creams formulas. But immediately you can choose for a refreshing gel, based on natural substances to calm and hydrate skin.

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