The Best Natural Treatment To Minimize Large Pores

When sebum is produced in excessive quantities, pores may clog and sebum may increase in their interior leading to acne. Egg white contains lots of vitamins and minerals that nourish skin in depth, and when it dries on your skin it will tighten the enlarged pores. On the other hand, lemon has astringent effects reducing the visible pores.

Therefore, the egg white and lemon juice mixture can be an excellent mask to reduce the size of large pores. Mix well an egg white with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. You’ll get consistent and white foam. Thoroughly cleanse the skin and apply the mask on your face avoiding the eye area and lips. Leave it to act until the egg white dries completely. You’ll feel like your skin is tightened, so you shouldn’t make sudden mimic face movements. To remove it, rinse with warm or cold water.

Image Credits: Beauty Munsta

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