How To Make Homemade Shampoo

A homemade shampoo made of natural ingredients is always better than his version from the trade market. This recipe is very simple and it has skin’s natural pH 5.5 which is hard to find on store shelves.

Trade market shampoos are full of chemicals and are very toxic for our body. It is said that shampoo is more harmful for our body when we apply it on our scalp than if we would ingest it.

-1 can of coconut milk (or half a cup of homemade coconut milk)
-1 cup and three-quarters of aloe gel
Optionally you can add essential oils in the desired flavor.

How to prepare:
1. Mix these ingredients using a mixer until you get a homogeneous paste.
2. Pour the composition in ice trays the put it in the freezer.

How to use this shampoo
Take a cube out the night before washing your hair and keep it in a small container in the refrigerator until you decide to take a shower. Apply on your hair like a normal shampoo.

Rub the scalp then wash the entire hair length. Let your hair like that for 30 seconds then rinse with water. If you feel that your hair is still greasy, rinse with vinegar.

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There is a possibility to have the impression that your hair isn’t clean, which is normal given that you gave up your traditional shampoo, but we must persevere in using this natural shampoo. After the fourth wash, scalp it will balance its pH and you can enjoy the miraculous effects of this mixture.

Image Credits: Journey to Long

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