How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Without Exercising

The best ingredient to get rid of cellulite and lose those extra pounds is in your kitchen- coffee.
All that you have to do is apply it directly to the skin.

Ingredients needed:

-coffee and ivy oil

If you don’t have ivy oil, you can add any type of oil, olive oil, coconut or sunflower oil.
It’s important to use Turkish coffee made in a coffee pot or espresso. After drinking coffee, gather the debris and apply them to the skin.

– Mix coffee grounds with oil to obtain a creamy paste then apply it on your belly and tights. After you are covered with coffee wrap yourself in a cling film then put on a pair of pants.
– Do this before bedtime and leave it act overnight. The next day you’ll have a smooth skin and after 3 weeks of daily application you’ll notice big changes.

Coffee is rich in caffeine and it stimulates blood circulation.

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Image Credits: Physicians Plan

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